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Life Stylistic, Inc.

"The platform that enables influencers to engage with the brands, activities and communities that define who they are."

Welcome to Life Stylistic, where culture drives commerce. By consolidating event registration, e-commerce and reservation technologies, we have engineered a trifecta of transactional functionality into a single, unified destination. The proprietary framework not only serves our own initiatives, but also those of select partner groups, regardless of size, whose business strategies align with our vision for innovation in thriving B2B, B2C and C2C communities. The intuitive user experience features unique tools and insights that aid in continually fostering meaningful brand and customer relationships.

About Us

From the team whose technology solutions helped lift Microsoft's Gears of War franchise, Verizon FiOS, Agenda Show and the Waterman League from their infancy to unrivaled success, comes a painstakingly detailed platform that embodies our vast experience throughout these industries: streetwear/lifestyle fashion, direct-to-consumer (DTC) alcoholic beverage sales, action sports, sport surfaces, building materials, digital entertainment, finance, hospitality, healthcare, non-profits and the arts.

Our work has consistently garnered broad appeal and industry recognition by the likes of Adobe, PR Week and the Society for Technical Communication.


Our custom solutions embody over a decade of advanced problem solving through technology development. A top down analysis and stack reconfiguration has positioned us to holistically determine rising needs and a scalable future for both us and our partners.

Our initial discovery phase put forth this question:

"What binding agent provides the ability for us to differentiate how distinct, yet collaborative teams can harness the power of data segmentation most effectively and efficiently?"

The answer became clear: Usability Design.

Data is limited without intuitive mechanisms in place that process, serve and refine it for actionable use. In many cases these mechanisms are more rote than creative in nature, which limits overall segmentation capabilities. In addition, many systems lack a practical understanding of how to navigate their components out of the gate. This encouraged us to instill a wholly consistent process flow across the entirety of the platform, that:

a.) yields a clutterless and simplified visual experience where administrative personnel only see and access functionality relevant to their job function.

b.) enables rapid decision making via interaction techniques, where additional data is loaded inline when called on.

c.) provides unique collaboration and management oversight tools that also vary based on user access.

Event Registration

From pre-registration, to vetted approvals, to onsite check-in, we support both private and public events, through B2B, B2C and C2C channels. A Primary and Secondary Event hierarchy combines all relevant records, while also separating out unique traits. Tethered Events provide comparative analysis for recurring events (both pre- and post-). The Exhibitor section establishes District, Zone and Booth designations.


From product and bundle management, online sales, dropship fulfillment, sales tax and compliance, E-Commerce shares its core purchasing and user account self-service with all sections. The shopping cart is a powerful application in itself in that it is continuously running in the background, and constantly scrapes and presents end-users with applicable promotions based on their cart’s contents and past activity.


The Booking section is a block-based reservation system for those who manage consecutive and/or concurrent activity sessions, limited ticketed events and venue rentals. For reservation type booking, a cost is established by how many blocks the end-user designates, and can be marked and charged as recurring. For ticketed events, Admins can designate tiered seating and corresponding pricing levels.

Org Management

The system is wholly driven by an underlying organizational hierarchy, where any number of Parent, Subordinate, Personnel and Partnership groups can collaborate efficiently. Our top-down approach provides enterprise level management oversight, and limits data access accordingly. Permissions and User Roles only grant access to applicable sections and functionality for Admin Groups and Users.


Campaigns create a diverse set of sweeping upsell opportunities for end-users across all sections, as well as advertising opportunities for Exhibitors and Companies. Promotions provide singular and stackable discounts that are redeemable at the point of purchase, whereas the Clubs and Artisans sections enact promotional programs that incentivize customer loyalty on an ongoing basis.


The Super-Admin section offers top-level system access for select groups who wish to white label it for Clients to extend revenue opportunities. It includes all Org Management tools through its own Dispatch, Personnel and Groups sections, and also features Prospects, Clients and Finance sections so Administrators can fully manage their Clients' account needs adequately.


Get in Touch

Our team is located in Seattle, New York City and Bend, with experience collaborating with groups as far-reaching as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Scotland, Tahiti and the United Kingdom. Feel free to drop us a line and let us know how we may be able to assist you.

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